William B. Pheloung
Video Game Developer
"Where there's a Will, there's a Way"
Hello my name is William Pheloung, welcome to my portfolio website. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Dual Major in Computer Science and Games and Simulations Arts and Sciences.

My latest videogames include Monstinder, SYNC, Super Boxforts VR, Human Sickness and Keyboard Kommander. I'm a determined and hard working individual with a passion for programming. In my free time I enjoy playing videogames and socializing with my friends.

This portfolio is a summary of my best and most interesting work.

For a full catalog of my work please check out my itch.io page:

To see my open source projects check out my Github:

SYNC: Since You Never Came (Spring 2016)

"Excellence in Innovative Narrative" Gamefest 2016
"Best Student Digital Game" Meaningful Play Conference 2016

SYNC distinguishes itself by being the first interactive narrative controlled entirely by the players facial expressions. My team worked closely with Affectiva to use an unreleased beta version of their facial recognition software for our game. For this project I worked on a team of five of which I was the primary programmer and wrote the majority of the code base.
Download SYNC
BoxFort Simulators (Fall 2015)

Super Boxforts VR is an arcade style physics simulation game for Google Cardboard. It distinguishes itself with a unique aesthetic and exciting gameplay. I was the sole programmer and level designer for this project.
Download BoxForts VR
Keyboard Kommander (Fall 2014- present)
The game won "Best in Show" at Game Fest 2015.

Keyboard Kommander is a post apocalyptic typing tutor that combines advanced tactics with the fast paced action of a typing tutor. I have included a link to the latest build below. I was the primary programmer for this project and was responsible for the majority of the code base. I was also the lead designer for this project and designed most of the gameplay systems.

Our blog https://keyboardkommander.com/ is frequently updated with details about the game's development.
Download Keyboard Kommander ApoKeylypse
Soundcraft is an experimental art game that uses pure data compiled with heavy. The game features rhythm based gameplay and audiovisual effects.
Play Soundcraft
Punks and Patriots (Global Game Jam 2017)
Punks 'N Patriots was awarded best game at NYU's global game jam. This project was developed in 48 hours and features a unique and robust AI system that can support up to 600 characters at any given time.
Punks 'N Patriots link
Monstinder (Fall 2016)
Monstinder is a procedural generation experiment which puts a comedic spin on modern dating. The game features a robust dialog system along with three gameplay modes. I was the only programmer and designer for this project.
Monstinder Link
8 Undecided Voters (Fall 2016)
8 Undecided Voters was made in under 8 hours for an RPI Game Jam. 8 undecided voters tasks the player with winning the presidency of the Parent Teacher Association. It combines comedic dialog with difficult decisions. It's a good testament to my ability to make good games in a short span of time. The game is available on itch.io to be played in browser. I was the programmer for this project.
Play 8 Undecided Voters
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